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Servoy 8 Alpha

1 minutes read

Today we’re proud to announce the immediate availability of Servoy 8 alpha. Here’s the link to download it while you finish reading this post:

Servoy 8 is our biggest release since Servoy 1 was built. The new ng-client (next generation client) with a strong focus on deliver great UX enables software developers to deliver great applications using our established RAD capabilities.

When we started creating the roadmap after Servoy 7 was released we realized we needed to completely rethink our web client based on the new realities of today. While our web client technology was great we felt it was going to be outdated in a few years so we decided to start with a clean sheet of paper. This exercise helps to think out of the box and avoids trying to bolt or hack your existing technology stack. We tried to come up with a minimum list of capabilities the technology should have:

  • responsive design
  • great UX on smartphone, tablet and desktop
  • cross browser
  • retains RAD capabilities
  • increased responsiveness
  • secure

When we started with web client we built it on Apache Wicket, in it’s day the best framework to create powerful web applications. However as frameworks grow older and bolt on more and more features we needed something radically different. After extensive research we found that Angular was going to be the best fit. Read more about the background in the post from Jan Blok.

Servoy 8 is unique: it’s the only RAD platform to deliver great HTML5 apps quickly and without headaches. Servoy 8 will will make your users happy, and of course the developers as well!

Get started with Servoy 8 with this introduction overview: Servoy 8 introduction video and demo

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