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“Helping you deliver excellent applications, faster.

We created the Servoy application development platform to help businesses accelerate innovation and unlock growth. 
Born out of frustration with the slow pace and uncertainty of common approaches to software development, we’ve streamlined application development processes and combined them with the tools developers need to rapidly deliver capable and versatile software for every unique situation, sector, or use case.
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Servoy projects to reach on time

Our Appsurance program helps ensure projects are delivered on time


Professional  developers

Trust Servoy to deliver powerful and capable software solutions at scale.


More productive

Faster than traditional development approaches.


we are


We believe your software should work to serve you. Our platform is designed with total flexibility at its core, empowering businesses with the most capable applications for their needs.

People first

We want to take the headache and frustration out of app development. Our tools help you deliver success without the stress.


Software should unburden business. Our modern approach uses process automation to rapidly build unique, sophisticated software solutions for any situation.


we stand for


You can build and deliver powerful software with Servoy. From customer-facing apps to mission-critical core software, you can rely on us to help you deliver the most capable and secure solutions.


Digitalization can revolutionize enterprises, unlocking new growth opportunities and technical capabilities.

Whether it’s on-premise, cloud, and private software; our platform is built to enable businesses to gain the full potential of digital technologies with flexible solutions that transform businesses.


Accelerating software development helps deliver value faster. We work constantly to support innovation by offering the most flexible development platform.

Your software functionality isn’t restricted by inflexible user interfaces or business logic, but empowered with capable and versatile code that ensures the user can do everything they need to.

Leadership of Servoy

Ron van der Burg



Laurens Bushoff



Peter van den Berg



Sean Devlin



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Servoy’s app development platform relies on teams of talented people across multiple disciplines. If you have a passion for building incredible software that can accelerate innovation and decrease time to value, get in touch.

Prospective applications are always considered.

No in-house development team? Our ecosystem of partners can help:
Logic Impresa di Gianluca Zanini
Logic Impresa di Gianluca Zanini
Milan - Italy

Logic Impresa was born in 2010 following a spin-off from a large business consultancy firm. The members of the company are professionals who have been involved in software development for companies belonging to all product sectors since 1994.


Weptun GmbH
Weptun GmbH
Munich - Germany

Our roots lie in the development of mobile applications. Through demanding projects, we have built up broad competencies for holistic IT solutions. Our portfolio includes app development, delivery of the associated server infrastructure and advice on mobile strategies and solutions.


Simant Software Solutions
Simant Software Solutions
Quart - Italy

The use of highly innovative and powerful development environments in combination with the desire to use open source applications wherever possible, as well as experience and professionalism represent the strengths of our company.


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Servoy B.V.

Fred. Roeskestraat 97c 1076 EC Amsterdam The Netherlands

+31 20 299 3641

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