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Building compliant healthcare software has never been easier.

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Legacy code and non-compliant software presents an immediate risk. But it’s hard to find expertise in legacy systems and there’s stiff competition from modern alternatives. 


Constantly working on critical updates and fixes drains developer resources and slows progress on more innovative projects.

Complex needs

Software for unique industries have complex requirements, and a need for high performance. Most low-code platforms can’t deliver compliant software matching these needs.

Not fit-for-purpose

Legacy applications just cannot offer web, cloud, or mobile capabilities, and regulatory requirements make them increasingly untenable.


What Servoy can do for you

Compliant, supported software

Create fully supported, HIPAA compliant software in record time. Technical security is included with Servoy hosting. 

Turn healthcare expertise into powerful products

Translate your healthcare industry experience into powerful software products. Build unique, high performance and complex software with total control over the front-end and user experience.


Build projects faster and deliver on-time. Create proof-of-concept applications and MVPs that generate value - within weeks.

Servoy speaks legacy

Connect your trusted legacy logic and databases with advanced, modern functionality. Reskin your application to add web, cloud or mobile capabilities.


Featured solutions

Thomas Kammerer // ITC Project Leader

With Servoy Mobile, it’s quick and easy for us to develop flexible applications that run on any

Servoy enables DB Services GmbH to quickly create powerful Android applications

Karel Van den Berghe // Globis

After two unsuccessful FileMaker rewrites, we did find the solution

Globis NV is the spin-off of a family-owned company that specializes in processing plastics and producing printed packaging. The company developed an ERP system that has become assets to the

Albert Beerman // Manager of Information Processing

The Servoy team fully understands our needs. The support offered is always pragmatic, friendly, and

Founded in 1913, the Piepenbrock family business is headed by the fourth generation of owners. The company offers facility management, commercial cleaning, security, maintenance, machinery and

Oliver Hunziker // Chief Technology Officer

With Servoy, we have a modern, efficient, and sustainable development platform to reliably support

Mirus is the Swiss market leader in back-office solutions for the hotel, catering and tourism industries. Their solutions meet the specific requirements of the hospitality sector for over 2,000

Jon Ruby // Managing Director of Jonar

By vastly accelerating the speed to market, Servoy helped us slash our development costs.

Jonar has been making enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the Canadian garment and textile industry since 1986. Following a recent change of management, the company reviewed its

Marico van Leeuwe // Managing Director of Stb Zorg

The Servoy tools made it possible for us to develop the extensive Stb Care platform efficiently.

Stb was founded in 1992 by four students who developed tailored CRM systems. Stb has since become a renowned automation company, with over 250 clients and 50 employees.

Robert Cardone // President, ReadQ

A big key for our success was that our legacy developers were able to pick up Servoy quickly

ReadQ Systems, headquartered in New York City, is a technology and service company founded in 1968. Their focus is to help financial institutions reduce operational overhead and succeed in their

Ron Mihavics // Project Manager

Time is money, so we needed a development platform that is fast and easy to use for maximum

Founded in 1933, Rea is now the largest producer of magnet wire in North America and employs more than 1,200 people in its Fort Wayne, Indiana, headquarters; its five plants; and its four joint

Dave Wurms // Owner and Managing Director

If we need help to find a solution for a given customer problem, we just turn to the Servoy team.

Focus Feedback was founded in 2003 by owner and Managing Director Dave Wurms. Based in Tilburg, The Netherlands, Focus Feedback is active in the development, sales, and implementation of customer

Hessel Kuik // CEO of Minox

We can build 80% of what we need through drag and drop, without having to code it. It allowed us to

For more than 30 years, Minox has been a market leader in accountancy software and was one of the first to introduce administrative packages created for the computer. Today, 5,000 companies enjoy the

Jeroen van Es // Commercial Director Distri Data

Servoy combines highly efficient software development with outstanding agility and flexible

Distri Data has provided complete wholesale automation solutions for over 25 years. The Distri Data team comes from the wholesale industry and brings extensive expertise to its customers. Distri Data

Audrey Kauffman // Chief Information Officer

We originally hoped to find an off-the-shelf system to replace Omega, but it soon became clear that

BETA Healthcare Group is the largest insurer of hospital professional liability coverage in California, serving more than 200 hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Use a proven framework

Accelerate your development with our trusted framework. Focus on core functionality from the very start of your project.

Help on hand

You might not need it, but whenever and whatever you need to accelerate your project – we’re here.

Receive dedicated Appsurance program support and practical help from the user community.

Request a free Application Modernization Assessment

Let's talk about your specific situation, and how we can help.

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