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Growing demands

Customers demand web portals, mobile, and SaaS capabilities, and flexibility of either on-premise or cloud software.


With a growing backlog of projects, developers need to move forward – fast, to meet customer demands.

Reinventing the wheel

Total rewrites take time. Is a total rewrite really necessary if your core business logic still works?

Not fit-for-purpose

It’s hard to offer web, cloud, or mobile capabilities with Visual Basic alone.


Constantly working on critical updates and fixes drains developer resources and slows progress on more innovative projects.


What Servoy can do for you


Build projects faster and deliver on-time. Create proof-of-concept applications and MVPs that generate value - within weeks.


Unique & sophisticated solutions

Build applications that fit perfectly with your processes. Create solutions that generate value from deep synergies with your business.

Coded in JS, then reborn

Build fast with JavaScript in Servoy, and our platform will instantly convert your code into the most modern and capable applications. Always updated, always on.

Low code, not lowbrow

All the productivity of low code, without sacrificing complex logic. The powerful Servoy IDE gives you total control over code, combined with tools for rapid application development.

Featured FileMaker solutions

Karel Van den Berghe // Globis

After two unsuccessful FileMaker rewrites, we did find the solution

Globis NV is the spin-off of a family-owned company that specializes in processing plastics and producing printed packaging. The company developed an ERP system that has become assets to the

Marico van Leeuwe // Managing Director of Stb Zorg

The Servoy tools made it possible for us to develop the extensive Stb Care platform efficiently.

Stb was founded in 1992 by four students who developed tailored CRM systems. Stb has since become a renowned automation company, with over 250 clients and 50 employees.

Security taken care of

You can sleep soundly at night, knowing that technical security is included with Servoy hosting. One less thing to worry about.

Use a proven framework

Accelerate your development with our trusted framework. Focus on core functionality from the very start of your project.


Get building straightaway. Developers experienced with 4GL feel right at home with Servoy’s intuitive paradigm.


Help on hand

You might not need it, but whenever and whatever you need to accelerate your project – we’re here. With dedicated Appsurance program support and practical help from the user community.

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