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End of life

FoxPro is unsupported, presenting a strong business risk for the future. The clock is ticking, and time is running out for securing a replacement.

Talent is scarce

Lack of knowledge is only one part of the problem. Developers are reluctant to even touch anything VFP.

No clear alternative

Off the shelf software just doesn’t cut it. And a total rewrite in .NET has problems of its own. 

Not fit-for-purpose

FoxPro applications just cannot offer web, cloud, or mobile capabilities, and regulatory requirements make VFP increasingly untenable.


What Servoy can do for you

Security taken care of

You can sleep soundly at night, knowing that technical security is included with Servoy’s hosted cloud. One less thing to worry about.

Use a proven framework

Accelerate your development with our trusted framework. Focus on core functionality from the very start of your project.



Get building straightaway. Developers experienced with 4GL feel right at home with Servoy’s intuitive paradigm. 

Servoy speaks VFP

Connect your trusted FoxPro logic and databases with advanced, modern functionality. Reskin your application to add new functionalities like web, cloud or mobile.


Featured solutions

Thomas Kammerer // ITC Project Leader

With Servoy Mobile, it’s quick and easy for us to develop flexible applications that run on any

Servoy enables DB Services GmbH to quickly create powerful Android applications

Albert Beerman // Manager of Information Processing

Whether the topic is training, consulting or technical support, the Servoy team fully understands

Founded in 1913, the Piepenbrock family business is headed by the fourth generation of owners. The company offers facility management, commercial cleaning, security, maintenance, machinery and

Oliver Hunziker // Chief Technology Officer

With Servoy, we have a modern, efficient, and sustainable development platform to reliably support

Mirus is the Swiss market leader in back-office solutions for the hotel, catering and tourism industries. Their solutions meet the specific requirements of the hospitality sector for over 2,000

Jon Ruby // Managing Director of Jonar

By vastly accelerating the speed to market, Servoy helped us slash our development costs.

Jonar has been making enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the Canadian garment and textile industry since 1986. Following a recent change of management, the company reviewed its

Audrey Kauffman // Chief Information Officer

We originally hoped to find an off-the-shelf system to replace Omega, but it soon became clear that

BETA Healthcare Group is the largest insurer of hospital professional liability coverage in California, serving more than 200 hospitals and healthcare facilities.


Build projects faster and deliver on-time. Create proof-of-concept applications and MVPs that generate value - within weeks.

Help on hand

You might not need it, but whenever and whatever you need to accelerate your project – we’re here. With dedicated Appsurance program support and practical help from the user community.

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