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ServoyWorld 2014

1 minutes read

ServoyWorld 2014, our ninth conference just finished and wow! What a great event again. Our biggest announcement was Servoy 8, arguably our biggest release since the first version of Servoy. Servoy 8 takes our web technology into the next generation and makes it seamless to create powerful HTML5 applications.

Our next generation web client is called ng client and builds on AngularJS and Bootstrap. This combined with our +12 years of experience of delivering RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools creates the most advanced html5 platform on the planet. To learn more about Servoy 8 visit the main Servoy 8 page.

With over 30 sessions and trainings ServoyWorld 2014 was a great place to learn more about Servoy and share knowledge with other developers. Our engineers enjoyed getting feedback from customers directly in the sit down sessions during and between conference sessions.

If you couldn’t attend the conference and want to learn more about Servoy 8 make sure to attend the launch webinar. If you are interested in downloading the ServoyWorld presentation have a look in this forum thread for the slides.

I look forward to meeting you at ServoyWorld 2015!

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