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News: Memocom selects Servoy to build its new CRM solution

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Memocom selects Servoy to build its new CRM solution.

Dutch ISV Memocom chose Servoy as its new platform to deliver advanced and flexible CRM solutions to its customers.

Memocom needed to migrate its customers from its legacy platform. The company first built an advanced interface that allows it to migrate legacy databases to PostgreSQL, support advanced mapping and code options, and synchronize production data in real time between Servoy and the legacy platform.

Thanks to the new advanced interface, Memocom customers can be migrated gradually to the new system instead of in one fell swoop. Both platforms are operating simultaneously, allowing customers to migrate at their own pace. This low-impact migration strategy is both easy to plan and easy to commit to. Using the Servoy frameworks allows Memocom to deliver a fully custom rebuild of its legacy solution as a web-based solution. Business processes are significantly improved thanks to available Servoy plug-ins and modules.

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