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Servoy Workshops for FoxPro Developers – Germany, May-July

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Don’t miss the opportunity to attend one of the four Servoy workshops for FoxPro developers that will take place in different German cities — Erfurt, Berlin, Dortmund, and Munich. Jurgen Wondzinski (aka wOOdy), along with Geert Houben, Business Development Director Servoy DACH, will present and demonstrate why a lot of FoxPro developers select Servoy as their future development platform.

wOOdy is one of the best known FoxPro developers worldwide. He was founder of the German FoxPro Usergroup; Founder and Technical Lead of ProLib Software (which was one of the leading FoxPro development companies in Germany) as well as a Microsoft MVP for almost 14 years. He trained hundreds of FoxPro programmers, and was a speaker at 15 DevCons and Roadshows in Germany.

Check out the full event description in German and register.

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