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Intro to Servoy for Visual FoxPro ISVs – with Ken Levy

1 minutes read

Servoy is the Next Generation development and deployment platform for FoxPro ISVs who are looking to develop Cloud, mobile, or on-premise software apps. This special webinar presented by Ken Levy, former product manager for Visual FoxPro at Microsoft, and Jan Aleman, Servoy CEO, includes both technical and business scenarios showing how Servoy is the logical evolution for Visual FoxPro ISVs and developers.

An introduction and overview of Servoy will be followed by demos of how Servoy can be used side-by-side existing Visual FoxPro applications, features in Servoy common to Visual FoxPro, functionality in Servoy going well beyond Visual FoxPro, and concluding with an interactive Q&A.

Read more information on Servoy for Visual FoxPro ISVs.

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