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Servoy Opens New Offices to Meet Worldwide Demand Despite Global Economic Crisis

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Aug 17, 2009 – Thousand Oaks, CA – Servoy, an award-winning platform provider for fast, flexible, and sexy SaaS hybrid solutions, today announced it has opened offices in Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Brazil to meet overwhelming demand for its leading SaaS (Software as a Service) hybrid platform – Servoy. Servoy’s platform allows development of green IT hybrid applications — which can be deployed as SaaS and on-premises through both a browser and a native client — from a single code base.

“This is a major accomplishment for any company — especially in a challenging global economy,” said Jan Aleman, CEO, Servoy. “These new dedicated offices will not only support Servoy’s rapidly growing sales and customer base — we want to make it easier for businesses to succeed in rapidly changing markets as SaaS integration becomes a requirement. We anticipate an upward trend in the number of projects and new opportunities through our local presence worldwide.”

According to international research firm IDC, SaaS is booming, and IDC’s ‘hot-off-the-press’ forecast shows that SaaS offerings are one of the few hot spots in the world of business IT. Servoy’s rapid proliferation of the global software market reflects its success in providing flexible hybrid solutions specifically tailored for decision makers — solutions that, according to Aleman, are built on technology designed to handle the complexity and turbulence of modern business.

“ISVs particularly have a hunger to deliver a superior solution to their customers seeking hybrid deployment options,” Aleman continued, “At the same time, ISVs don’t want to lock their customers into a SaaS-only mode, but want to offer what we call “SaaS and back” – the option to run on-premises at any moment. Servoy supports these kind of hybrid setups out of the box.”

The new offices will provide enhanced consulting and training capabilities as well as technical support during local business hours and in local languages. The new offices may be contacted at with specific location details found at

In addition, Servoy has also recently released a free calculator to estimate redevelopment cost and total cost of ownership at Using the Servoy TCO Calculator, ISVs now can quickly estimate the potential savings of implementing Servoy.

“IT decision makers face continually escalating development and administrative costs,” said Aleman. “The new Servoy TCO Calculator allows customers to make strategic IT decisions even faster and enables them to visualize the potential benefits of Servoy. Through our ISV Assurance Program, (, Servoy partners with ISVs in modernizing their applications – on time, on spec and on budget – guaranteed.”

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