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Enterprise applications

Build first-class business applications

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Turn expertise into powerful products

Translate your industry experience into powerful software products. Build unique, high performance and complex software with total control over the front-end and user experience.

Sophisticated solutions

Build applications that fit perfectly with your processes. Create solutions that generate value from deep synergies with your business. 

Total unburdening

No in-house development team, or need extra support? We can connect you with dedicated Servoy-certified developers, who can deliver exactly what you need.

Growing demands

Customers want to add web, mobile, and SaaS capabilities, and flexibility of either on-premise or cloud software.

Why the cloud creates considerable challenges for ISVS?

The Servoy mobile solution applies business logic where it needs to

Unburdening development

Developers love our platform

Low code, not lowbrow

All the productivity of low code, without sacrificing complex logic. Servoy’s integrated scripting engine gives you total control over code, combined with tools for rapid application development 


Security taken care of

You can sleep soundly at night, knowing that technical security is included with Servoy hosting. One less thing to worry about.

Shorten your path to success

Developers are unburdened from the frustrations of standard approaches. Servoy’s process automations are the helping hand you need to build software, fast. 


Build projects faster and deliver on-time. Create proof-of-concept applications and MVPs that generate value - within weeks.

Every stage of development

Cover every domain in the product development cycle. Servoy’s professional low code platform helps you innovate faster and deliver superior business applications.

Design, Build Logic, Connect, Deploy and Manage in record time.

Karel Van den Berghe // Owner and CEO of Globis NV

Our Servoy contact visits us every month to discuss current topics and to provide our team with help and advice.

Globis NV is the spin-off of a family-owned company that specializes in processing plastics and producing printed packaging. The company developed an ERP system that has become assets to the packaging industry.


Core applications put your value proposition into action.

Keep your competitive advantage by building the best software for your industry – fast.


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IT Professionals & Software Developers (ISV'S)

Build fast, without sacrificing power.

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Transport & Logistics

Design sophisticated software for complex challenges.

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Engineering & Construction

Create your vision without restriction.

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Connect people, places, and hardware with robust software.

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Deploy secure, compliant applications with confidence.

It’s time to

Put power in the hands of developers. 

We created the Servoy application development platform to help businesses accelerate innovation and unlock growth.

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faster development

Low code 

gives you speed


developers use Servoy

Coding engine

already integrated which gives you  precision and power

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