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High Productivity PaaS Servoy Launches on Microsoft Azure

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High Productivity PaaS Servoy Launches on Microsoft Azure

Servoy announces general availability of its High Productivity PaaS on Microsoft Azure. Servoy, selected as a Cool Vendor in PaaS by Gartner, delivers a high productivity platform to design, build and deliver business applications with superior User Experience. With the addition of Azure, customers benefit from the quality and reach of the Azure platform.

“Microsoft Azure is one of the most mature cloud offerings and gives our customer peace of mind”, says Ronald Wanink, CTO of Servoy. “Instead of having to manage all the DevOps yourself you basicly offload a lot to Azure. Peace of mind instead of having to monitor your servers 24/7 is great for our customers. Servoy runs on Microsoft Azure SQL Server making it very easy for our customers to scale up to tens of thousands of concurrent users”.

Servoy enables companies to take existing software (in .Net, Java or other languages) and rapidly create a modern SaaS application with a great user experience. All non functionals for cloud deployment are automatically covered in the platform including; multi-tenancy, scaling, mobile support, responsive design and more. This means companies can modernize and deploy their applications in record time with less risk rather than rewriting the application from scratch.

Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure, says, “By choosing Azure, Servoy delivers High Productivity PaaS with seamless .Net integration. With Azure and Servoy, companies get both HP PaaS and HC (High Control) PaaS in a single environment. Servoy can be used to create great user experiences for existing .Net applications in a very short timeframe.”

Many of Servoy’s customers are independent software vendors (ISVs) with CRM and ERP like functionality in their applications. Integration with other business applications is extremely important. Jan Aleman, CEO of Servoy, says, “Microsoft Azure is fantastic for our customers as it allows them to seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft products (Office 365 as an example) and this allows our customers to deeply integrate Office functionality into applications built with Servoy. Exchange and Sharepoint can now be integrated in the same environment making collaboration in business applications seamless.”


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