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Former Microsoft FoxPro Product Manager: Servoy Logical Successor to VFP – June 28

1 minutes read

Ken Levy, former Visual FoxPro Product Manager, and Jan Aleman, Servoy CEO, will host this comprehensive one-hour webinar — including a demonstration and discussion on using Servoy with existing Visual FoxPro applications, and Servoy for FoxPro developers.

Many Visual FoxPro developers who have learned to develop with Servoy, have found Servoy’s development platform easy, powerful, and beneficial; as well as appreciate Servoy’s dynamic programming features and rich data model functionality. This demo-centric one-hour session includes a wide variety of technical areas of Servoy — from data-centric development to using VFP COM based DLLs within Servoy. In the webinar, Mr. Aleman and Mr. Levy will also discuss ideas; answer questions; and share knowledge on both technical and business scenarios offered to VFP developers evaluating Servoy.

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Visit our “Servoy for VFP developers” page for additional information.

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