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Shark Tank: "Can we de-risk this deal for you?"

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The other night, an episode of Shark Tank was playing in the background. The entrepreneurs were pitching an idea for a shoe company, but…the sharks weren’t biting. The sharks closed their notebooks and prepared for the husband-and-wife team to leave the tank, but everything changed when one of the Nguyens asked: “Can we de-risk this deal for you?”

With most of the world in lockdown and forcing more online interaction, there has never been a better opportunity for businesses of every size to attract new customers with a cool or revamped business application. When your application is your business, you can’t afford to have a project stall or fail—they have to get apps out the door fast, delivered with all the features and functionality their customer’s customers expect.

But just like entrepreneurs pitching to the sharks, how do you know if you can bring those software dreams and projects to fruition, on time, within budget–and with the least amount of risk?

Failure Is Not an Option

The challenge is a tough one. You can’t afford to fail but the data is out there showing that the majority of enterprise software projects will fail. One survey* of 600 business and IT professional respondents anticipate their software projects will fail because:

  • 75% lack of confidence in project success and admit their projects are either always or usually “doomed from the start”
  • 80% admit they spend at least half their time on rework
  • Less than 20% think the requirements process strongly aligns with the business need

Whether you’re modernizing or rewriting a complex app on your own, it’s a big undertaking requiring a complex technology stack. It’s easy to fail to accurately scope and execute your project. To safeguard these complex projects, Servoy started the Appsurance Program over 10 years ago. This intricate and disciplined program ensures your application development success, giving you the ability to deliver on time. For many of our customers, the Appsurance Program has improved time-to-market by 60% and reduced the risk of failure to practically zero.

Outswim the competition

Combined with our rapid application development (RAD) technology platform for mission-critical projects or brand-new apps, including options for the cloud, Servoy offers you the perfect environment to help you outswim the competition. That’s why it’s essential to have the right software development platform that lets you do rapid application development and an option for deployment in the cloud—and both with an underlying framework that ensures successful project delivery.

Servoy: We’re Invested in Your Success.

Contact us to learn more or watch this demo now.

*Geneca, 2017 “Doomed from the Start? Why a Majority of Business and IT Teams Anticipate Their Software Development Projects Will Fail”

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