Appsurance Program

You get help
every stage of the
development process

Appsurance Program

Our Appsurance program brings together in-depth development support and world-class customer service.

Ironing out design flaws at the start of your project is key to avoiding costly rewrites down the line. That’s why we help you ensure that your software architecture design is optimal.

Planning is also essential to project management success. As part of the Appsurance program, and in conjunction with your domain experts, we help you specify your software requirements. Together, we scope your project, assess the resources you need and develop a detailed plan. We help you ensure that your project optimizes time to market and is easy to easy to manage.

The Appsurance program includes access to the Servoy Frameworks, which immediately boost your productivity. The frameworks provide a set of “best practice” software components born out of the extensive experience and expertise we gained over the past decade.

Throughout the program, our consultants play an active role in supporting your team. We constantly help you review the planning, scope, budget, process and quality of your development. During the execution phase of a project, we provide technical training and guidance and coach your team in every aspect of development.

The tools and servers you use to build your software are among the most important components of your project. That’s why Servoy’s Appsurance program includes the Servoy Development and Deployment Suite.

Your success is important to us, so we help you create an application with a clean, flawlessly designed UI/UX (user interface/user experience) that epitomizes “less is more.” This is essential for “click-try-buy” offerings, which rely on a streamlined UI/UX for user adoption. As part of the Appsurance program, we share our expert UI/UX knowledge with you so you can meet your objectives.

Servoy’s Appsurance program empowers your team to successfully manage application development now and in the years to come. We work with you to ensure the on-time, on-budget and in-scope development of robust and compelling end-user applications.

Time to market, risk management and return on investment

The Appsurance program jump-starts your development by injecting our expertise, best practices, prebuilt software components and ready-to-go software factory. With less to build and configure, you can immediately focus on end-user functionalities and accelerate your time to market. Typical return on investment for Appsurance users is 300%.

Program timeline

The program is highly structured along a best-practice timeline consisting of four phases.

Phase 1: Engagement

Phase one starts the program. We define goals and plan the details for the “collaboration phase.”

Phase 2: Collaboration

In the collaboration phase, we scope and plan the project together with your team. We define everything required to start building, we make architectural decisions, we decide on processes to be used and the setup of the software factory. We use all these to create a project plan.

Phase 3: Build

In the build phase, we begin with the technical setup of everything you need to start coding. This is referred to as “Sprint 0.” After Sprint 0, we move into a recurring “build, test and deliver” mode, executing as many intermediate deliveries as were planned in the engagement phase. In the final “sprint”, we help you deliver the first version of the application to your first customer.

Phase 4: Extend and optimize

Once a first version of the application is built and delivered to customers, your team continues with the same cycles of build, test and deliver. Each cycle serves to enhance, extend and optimize the application.


The Servoy Appsurance program was created with one goal in mind—to help you succeed with Servoy’s cloud-based application platform as efficiently as possible and create amazing applications.

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