Appsurance Program - Servoy
A systematic and successful approach to complex modernizations.

Performing a modernization or rewriting a complex application is a big undertaking. In fact, many of these projects fail to launch, which is what inspired our Appsurance program. Our well-defined, disciplined program puts you in charge of the process.

Best Practices

Lessons learned from our early customers inspired us to document best practices for modernizing complex applications. After fine-tuning this process for 15+ years and for more than 500 business applications, we are uniquely positioned to make your most complex projects a success.

Program Timeline

Servoy Appsurance executes your project in a highly structured framework which is proven to jumpstart development and to bring applications to the marketplace faster through a 4-phase process:

  • Engagement
  • Collaboration
  • Build
  • Extend and Optimize

Proven Results

The goal of the Appsurance program is to assure your success. Most of our customers are software vendors and continuously rolling out new releases is critical to them. The Appsurance Program can improve your time-to-market by 60% and reduce the risk of failure to practically zero. As a software licensing company, we have a vested interest in your success and failure is simply not an option.

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“Java and .Net are very complex and time-consuming to code with. I have seen a lot of companies try to build their own frameworks and fail. It is much wiser to use a proven RAD environment. Using the Servoy platform we saved between three and four years of development time.” – Ton Dekker, R&D Manager

Case Study

Reflecta modernized its frontend (UI and UX) for the Cloud and reused its existing Progress backend, while saving 3 years in development time.

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