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How Quickly Can You Build A Web App With Progress?

1 minutes read

Modernizing and web’ifying OpenEdge applications is a known challenge. In this 7-minute video we show you how to build a secure and small web portal, while respecting and re-using your existing Progress data.

Modernizing OpenEdge Applications

Most progress based applications contain large amounts of ABL. The questions we get most often are “Can we modernize our application without doing a complete rewrite?” and “We love Progress’ database engine, can we leave it that way?”

With Servoy, the answer is yes. You can leave your ABL untouched while modernizing your UI to a modern HTML5 web and SaaS enabled front-end. By keeping your ABL intact, you’ll save invaluable time and effort. This also applies to mobile applications and add-ons; easy integrations going through your existing ABL and if needed, directly to the database.

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