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Webify Your Delphi Data

1 minutes read

Creating modern web and mobile applications from scratch can be time consuming and expensive. In this two-part series, we will show you how to easily build a secure, small web portal using Servoy’s low-code platform on top of your current database. Come back for part two where we’ll use APIs to respect your Delphi business logic as well.

Modernizing Delphi Applications – Part 1

Most Delphi based applications contain large amounts of data and business logic. The questions we get most often are “Can we modernize our application without doing a complete rewrite?” and “Can we re-use our existing Delphi data?”

With Servoy, the answer is yes. You can leave your business logic untouched while creating a modern and straightforward user experience. In Part 1 we’ll build a small web portal on top of your existing data, and in our upcoming Part 2 we’ll go through your existing Delphi business logic.

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