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Sep 2022

Can a Low-Code Platform and UX Freedom Coexist?

One of the best practices in rapid application development is to use a “top-down” approach, which means starting with the UX first. If you don’t have a visually appealing, user-centric app that delivers the best possible customer experience, then product doesn’t deliver the value, even if the code is stellar. We sat down with Ron […]

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Aug 2022

6 Tips To Guarantee Successful Development

The perfect application with every functionality, the perfect stack, the perfect user experience…an ISV’s dream environment. We share some tips and tricks that can help make your dreams a reality. The following important tips can help mitigate the risks of your development or modernization project from start to finish. 1. UX First We know, everything […]

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Jul 2022

Build vs Buy and The World of UX

“No matter how far down the wrong path you’ve gone, turn back,” an old Turkish proverb that was applicable in the days of horse drawn carriages as it is in the world of millions of applications, metaverses, and beyond. Tech companies at every stage are constantly making decisions on what to build in-house, what to […]

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Jun 2022

Full Stacks and The Developer Ego

Picture this: You’re a world class residential contractor, best anyone has ever seen. You spend months building a foundation and a perfect infrastructure with the best wood you can find, the electrical is perfect, plumbing immaculate. You finally finish and are ready to rent the house. You find a tenant and walk them through the […]

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Jun 2022

Leveraging Existing Delphi Business Logic

Welcome to part two of our webifying Delphi series! Last month we showed you how to build a small, secure web portal using Servoy’s platform on top of your current database. We did so in under 10 minutes. This month we’re switching the focus and showing you how to utilize APIs to respect your Delphi […]

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Jun 2022

Is DevOps the Next Pain in the Saas?

Is DevOps the Next Pain in the SaaS? Software vendors and developers are under a tremendous amount of pressure. They must deliver high-quality, reliable software that brings significant business value in a competitive market. These days, it often involves learning and adopting the latest tools and tech to create and maintain a DevOps pipeline. The […]

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May 2022

Can You Future Proof Your Stack?

The short answer is yes, but it’s a ton of work to do on your own, especially in the new UX focused atmosphere. From C#, to Silverlight, to Flash, to PHP, to Ruby on Rails, to React.js, to Python, Javascript and back. How are small teams supposed to pick the right strategy to build their […]

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May 2022

Webify Your Delphi Data

Creating modern web and mobile applications from scratch can be time consuming and expensive. In this two-part series, we will show you how to easily build a secure, small web portal using Servoy’s low-code platform on top of your current database. Come back for part two where we’ll use APIs to respect your Delphi business […]

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Apr 2022

Does Agile Work WIth Complex Applications?

When it comes to creating business applications, too many of us live in denial. It’s so tempting to believe that we can accurately predict how long it will take our team to build software that meets our requirements and exceeds expectations. We believe that we know what the requirements are upfront and that they won’t […]

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Mar 2022

How Quickly Can You Build A Web App With Progress?

Modernizing and web’ifying OpenEdge applications is a known challenge. In this 7-minute video we show you how to build a secure and small web portal, while respecting and re-using your existing Progress data. Modernizing OpenEdge Applications Most progress based applications contain large amounts of ABL. The questions we get most often are  “Can we modernize […]

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