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Oct 2020

How Banks Can Innovate Like a Startup

Faster Fintech: From Idea to Production in 6 weeks  Over the last decade, innovation in the traditional banking sector has been bogged down by regulatory compliance and slow decision-making. Fintechs have taken advantage of this gap by using digital channels to get closer to customers, quicker and at lower costs.  Unfortunately, access to these new […]

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Sep 2020

Shark Tank: “Can we de-risk this deal for you?”

Shark Tank: “Can we de-risk this deal for you?     The other night, an episode of Shark Tank was playing in the background. The entrepreneurs were pitching an idea for a shoe company, but…the sharks weren’t biting. The sharks closed their notebooks and prepared for the husband-and-wife team to leave the tank, but everything […]

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May 2020

The Truth About Microsoft Support and Visual FoxPro Migration

The Truth About Microsoft Support and Visual FoxPro Migration   Microsoft quit their support of FoxPro around OS Vista in 2007, but has now announced their mainstream support of Windows 10 will end this October. Since then, we have had an uptick in inquiries about Visual FoxPro conversions and migrations. In the next two blogs […]

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Apr 2020

Six Tips to Ensure Success for Your Complex Application Development Project

Six Tips to Ensure Success for Your Complex Application Development Project   As an ISV, how many times have you kicked off a software application development project with dreams of an app that delivers big for your customers and users? And how many times has that dream turned into a nightmare, with an app that […]

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Mar 2020

Who Owns the Rapid Application Development (RAD) Landscape?

Assessing Your Competition What’s comes to mind when you think about any competitive landscape? One of the biggest questions should be–and one that you can hopefully answer when researching a new product–is who, exactly, is your biggest competition? And how do the top competitors stack up against each other? This question also applies when taking […]

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Feb 2020

How DevOps Avoids Cloud Pitfalls with Agile Development and Deployment

In the previous blog, we looked the advantages of cloud-based deployments. Today, we’re going to talk about what that really means, including the practical implications, the burden on your team, and risks that are involved. It was several years ago when I first used the term DevOps in a software context. (In case you forgot, […]

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Jan 2020

Kicking Off Your Project or MVP

After reading our recent blog posts “Why Not to Start App Dev with UI” and “Developing Apps in a Vacuum–Sound Familiar, we are going to assume you’ve had a lightbulb moment about rapid application development (RAD) and are now a believer and want to try an MVP approach. If so, this means you’ve built the […]

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Jan 2020

Why Saas Is an ISVs Dream Come True and Devops, Not So Much

The first time I visited an ISV customer about 10 years ago, the owner showed me around the office and proudly told me about the 950 customers that ran his software. One of the larger rooms in the office had a CD replication machine. Years ago, back when CDs were part of everyday life, I […]

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Dec 2019

Developing Apps in a Vacuum (Sound familiar?)

When I started my first software company in the midst of the dot-com boom, a product comparison kind of service, we needed to build the application from scratch and hired a bunch of the smartest software developers anywhere. Long story short, after 9 months we had had 6 rewrites of the backend infrastructure and not much […]

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Nov 2019

Driving the App Dev Vehicle Top-Down

It’s All About the User eXperience My team and I are constantly talking to our customers about putting their customers first. Because when it comes to developing or modernizing an application, we all know that in today’s digital era, you need to put the user first. Industry advice repeatedly recommends Start from the front end, […]

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