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Volaris Group Acquires Servoy

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Deal further builds Volaris Group’s footprint in the low-code and no-code software development vertical

February 26, 2024 – Toronto, ONVolaris Group (Volaris) today announced the acquisition of Servoy B.V. Servoy application suite offers clients a software development platform covering every domain in the product development cycle. Using Servoy’s professional platform they help customers innovate faster and deliver superior business applications.

Servoy is headquartered in the Netherlands and the USA, with an additional office in Romania.

Servoy solutions work in conjunction with or to replace legacy technologies like FoxPro, COBOL and Progress and customers can also use Servoy solutions to migrate software created with technologies like Filemaker, Delphi, Visual Basic, PHP and . NET. They are ISO 27001 and HIPAA compliant.

Commenting on the deal, Ron van der Burg, CEO of Servoy, stated, “Servoy started more than 20 years ago, to help software developers build and deploy future-proof software faster and better. Today this is still our mission. With our new home at Volaris, we can continue this path and work to provide customers with an even better level of service. We hope to continue to grow the company and empower developers in their increasingly important role.”

Servoy’s products include: 

  • Servoy core: a software development IDE that helps developers to build and modernize business applications for any device and OS. 
  • Servoy Cloud: a zero-touch DevOps and global production hosting solution. 
  • Servoy Appsurance: a comprehensive program to de-risk complex projects by guiding software development teams in their complete development lifecycle process. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Servoy to the Volaris Group family and in particular to our growing software development tools portfolio. Servoy delivers an impressive set of software development tools with a global footprint,” said Jesper Ulsted, Portfolio Manager at Volaris Group. “As a perpetual home for ISV’s ourselves, Volaris Group can appreciate and understand the value of providing a strong alternative to full-blown software migration. We are looking forward to working with the management team at Servoy to help them realize the full long-term potential of the company."

About Servoy

Servoy was founded in 2003 with an integrated development and deployment platform, made for internet deployment and with a Java smart client. Over the years, they added a web client, a mobile client, and a modern HTML5 client. They developed a comprehensive program called the Appsurance program to ensure the success of software companies in their transition to modern cloud-based software. They moved to a cloud-first approach in 2022 and opened up their front-end technology to empower developers even more. 

About Volaris Group

Volaris Group acquires, strengthens and develops software providers for vertical markets. As a division of Constellation Software Inc., Volaris is focused on helping companies grow in their respective markets, whether through organic measures such as new initiatives and product development, through day-to-day operations, or through bolt-on acquisitions. Find out more at

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Volaris Group
Tel: +1 416-831-0305

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