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What’s Your Future After Visual FoxPro? Webinar in German – Nov. 18

1 minutes read

Join us for this special Webinar — presented in German by Jürgen Wondzinski (aka wOOdy). wOOdy has been a long time programmer and developer — developing FoxPro applications since 1991; has been one of the foremost speakers at German FoxPro conferences since 1994; and has received the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award consecutively for a number of years.

Servoy is providing this Webinar to give those FoxPro developers who weren’t able to attend the successful Servoy Roadshow for FoxPro developers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with more than 125 attendees, the opportunity to get an insider’s view by long-standing FoxPro Guru wOOdy. He will answer the question “What’s your future after Visual FoxPro?” – so don’t miss this event!

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