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ServoyForge: The Open Source Software Portal for Servoy-related OSS Projects

1 minutes read

Servoy is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new ServoyForge site — a community initiative led by Robert Ivens, SAN Developer and CEO of ROCLASI Software Solutions. ServoyForge is an effort that Servoy endorses and will actively provide its own contributions to.

The mission of ServoyForge is to organize Servoy Open Source projects into a centralized community-owned platform; enable talented Servoy/Java developers to contribute more easily; and offer innovative Open Source components to the Servoy community at large.

ServoyForge is already:

  • The largest repository of Servoy Open Source components (plugins/beans/solutions/modules)
  • A brand new collaboration platform for everything Servoy Open Source Software (SOSS)
  • Best-of-breed tools tailored for the management of Servoy development projects
  • A site built by the community for the community, by developers for developers
  • The place where YOU TOO can share your ideas and projects with a team of Servoy and Java developers all over the globe

Check out and bookmark ServoyForge.

Register at ServoyForge now and get ready to boost your Servoy development projects!

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