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News: ISSOL partners with Servoy to rapidly modernize its Progress ERP

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ISSOL partners with Servoy to rapidly modernize its Progress ERP

For years, Innovative Software Solutions Ltd. ( had been trying to modernize its suite of greenhouse management software tools for the floriculture and horticulture industries.

“We invested a considerable amount of time and energy in trying to modernize our Progress ERP with .Net, but it proved too time-consuming. Our team is small and must therefore remain focused on business requirements, user experience and customer satisfaction. With .Net, there was so much work required at the foundation level that it was detracting our team from its core mission.” -John Stallmer, President

That’s when ISSOL found Servoy, an IDE vendor with the technology and expertise to help companies modernize complex business applications fast. With the support of the Servoy team, the ISSOL developers went back to work and were soon able to launch the new version of the flagship product, Picas.

Stallmer concludes, “We were able to rapidly develop the user experience we envisioned while maintaining focus on business requirements and customer satisfaction.”

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