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Happy New Year!

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First of all we would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year. Despite the challenges of last year, we keep expanding and closed the year with positive results. We are excited about 2010, not just because of the uptick in sales activity that we have personally seen over the last 5 months, but also because of the general economic indicators looking strong (stock exchange is always 12-24 months ahead of the real economy). We believe this will continue.

In this newsletter, you will find some interesting news about Servoy. We are increasingly asked for our opinion as a visionary in the software industry and especially in cloud computing. We are now on the board of two major SaaS organizations — EuroCloud and ICT-Office SaaS-Cloud, and we conduct sessions, as well as keynoting at SaaS University Conference this year. Also, we continue to be quoted in leading journals and publications around the world, including an cover story interview in InfoWorld.

All in all, we are excited about the software market and particularly the cloud computing movement. We believe that our “SaaS and Back” hybrid vision is the most viable solution for all business entering the cloud.

All the best and Happy New Year,

Jan Aleman, CEO Servoy.

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