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Got iPad? – May 17

1 minutes read

Servoy, the next-generation development platform, offers a series of frameworks which enable iPad app development in record time — giving you the opportunity to offer a complementary product in addition to your current version. For a limited period, Servoy will iPad-enable your current applications or develop an entirely new program, all on a fixed price and fixed timeline.

Servoy’s web-client technology allows you to seamlessly deploy applications to iPad or any other tablet (Android, etc.) using the built-in browser of tablet devices. This means that you don’t have to publish your application to an app store but can deploy it instantly. And, if you need to deploy your application through an app store, Servoy offers you that option as well.

With Servoy’s Navigation Framework you can:

* Create iPad applications with only a few hours per screen

* Deploy to not just iPad but to any tablet device

* Deploy both on-Premises, hosted and Cloud applications

* Connect to any popular SQL database including: SQL Server, Oracle, DB/2, Postgresql, Progress, MySQL and many others

* Deploy to iPad without modifying your existing applications or table structures

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