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Servoy Success Story: Keeneight

1 minutes read

This month’s newsletter features another Servoy Success Story: Keeneight Srl. Keeneight specializes in the creation of software engineering that supports the entire life-cycle of the product, from concept design to after-sales assistance for the automotive, aerospace, and appliance markets (the software can also be easily adapted to other manufacturing companies as well).

“Servoy immediately proved to us to be the perfect development and deployment tool because it met our three basic requirements of integration, flexibility and durability. The result of switching to the Servoy development and deployment platform is modular software that is able to integrate and expose data, with all the features needed to manage a product structure during its life cycle. Thanks to the great graphical interface framework of Servoy, we can leverage the user experience with a high level of collaboration features and an easy customization, to always offer what is really needed.

Read the full Keeneight Success Story.

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