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Servoy Product Update Webinar – 2024.03 release

2 minutes read

In our latest 2024.03 release, we've introduced some important updates and exciting new features. 
Here's a few of the topics we've covered:
  • Sunset of Legacy Client Types
    Important updates covering SmartClient, WebClient and NG1.

  • Servoy Cloud Control Center Enhancements
    New features like No Code Authentication and Custom Login, Mobile Builder Enhancements, Improved Monitoring and more.

  • Servoy Developer Enhancements
    Dynamic Snapping Guides, ECMA6+ Enhancements, Dark Mode and more features.

  • Breaking Changes
    New methods are accessible via deeplink, new security updates and more crucial updates.
Speakers and Hosts:

- Sean Devlin, VP of Product at Servoy.

- Victor Hofstede, Implementation consultant at Servoy.

Q&A section is at the end of the webinar.

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