Delivering on our mission


Ron loves software that takes care of complex or tedious tasks and makes users feel good. At Servoy, that concept is the driving force behind the motto “Great apps = Happy people.” It underpins Ron’s drive to make Servoy more efficient, whether in terms of the platform itself or how the company operates and scales globally.

Happy customers are what makes Servoy so successful. Ron is passionate about keeping the company focused on customers and about building and empowering Servoy’s team of experts to drive innovation.

Ron has an engineering degree and previously worked in power generation, where he managed large projects. He also brings invaluable experience in fields such as sales, marketing, finance, professional services, software development, product management, and systems and network administration.


Yvo studied Corporate finance (MBA) in the United States and received a degree in Business Administration (Drs.) from Nijenrode University in The Netherlands. He worked for a Dutch bank in the corporate finance department, being involved with mergers, acquisitions and venture capital.
Enjoying the venture capital activities of the bank, Yvo decided to join Atlas Venture — an international venture capital organization focused on Biomedical and IT investment opportunities. He was involved with the IT investment activities for several years after which he joined World Online (acquired by Tiscali) in 1998 seeking international expansion opportunities and being responsible for several European acquisitions and a large joint-venture.

In March 1999, he co-founded Cedron. As CFO, Yvo arranged the international expansion and multiple finance rounds.

Yvo has been involved with Servoy since its inception and joined the team on a full-time basis in 2005.

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