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Stb Zorg

Stb Zorg builds adaptable software for the healthcare sector with Servoy

Stb Zorg 

Stb was founded in 1992 by four students who developed tailored CRM systems. Stb has since become a renowned automation company, with over 250 clients and 50 employees.

Stb Zorg was established in 2010 as an independent company offering software applications for the healthcare market. 

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Group 1385
National interest

Tasked with building a national fertility registration application multiple user groups


The solution had to offer more agility than Java could provide on its own


Software needed to adapt to future needs, customer demands, and growth


Group 1306.png
Extensive toolkit

Servoy provided all the advanced tools needed for complex functionality


The Servoy platform enables Stb to adapt to ever-changing requirements

Speed and Security

Stb Care was launched in record time, accessible via secure web-portal

Full version
The Stb Care platform is a web-based modular framework solution used to manage electronic patient records. It can be installed on an infrastructure environment maintained by the healthcare provider or hosted and managed by Stb Care. The platform is easily accessed via a dashboard, which displays all patient information, including patient medical history. 

The application includes an extensive correspondence module and a reporting module. Connections with hospital information systems are based on the HL7 standards. The development team behind the Stb Care platform project had specified all software requirements in close collaboration with doctors and hospitals, a key factor in the successful adoption of the platform.

The Dutch Fertility Automation Foundation (SAF) asked Stb Zorg to develop the Dutch Fertility File, a specialized client fertility registration application accessible by both doctors and laboratory technicians. It provides doctors and laboratory technicians with full access to accurate patient data on a daily basis. Fourteen organizations across the country use the system, including top fertility departments of academic centers, specialized local hospitals and independent treatment centers.

Development of the Stb Care platform started in January 2010. The development team initially planned to use Java but quickly realized that the resulting application would not be as agile as it wanted.

The team selected Servoy because its solution is Java-based and uses JavaScript as a programming language. It offers a much more productive environment for the faster implementation of new features. This was key for the company to keep up with customer demands and to pave the way for future growth. 
“We made a huge investment in R&D to make it possible to respond quickly to feature requests, and we know that the Servoy business application platform will enable us to meet those feature requests.”

Marico van Leeuwe // Managing Director of Stb Zorg


Stb Zorg had already been a Servoy partner for years, but the team did its due diligence and examined other solutions available on the market. Ultimately, Servoy was selected for the new project, in no small part because Stb had had an excellent experience working with the platform.


Marico van Leeuwe, Managing Director of Stb Zorg, says: “The mature toolkit made our decision for Servoy easy. It allows us to quickly adapt our solution to the ever-changing requirements of our existing customers and to address new target audiences.”

“The Servoy tools made it possible for us to develop the extensive Stb Care platform efficiently.”

Stb Zorg started using the new Servoy platform in 2010. Within six months, the first version of the Stb Care platform was developed and ready to be launched for the development of patient records. With a relatively small team and in a short period of time, Stb Zorg successfully developed a comprehensive healthcare solution that is now being used by a number of large hospitals and medical centers in the Netherlands. 

Managing Director Marico van Leeuwe sees three key success factors for the project: “We prepared by conducting extensive research and speaking to many doctors to make sure that we fully understood customer needs. The Servoy tools made it possible for us to develop the extensive Stb Care platform efficiently. Last, but not least, we had a great team of dedicated people who set their goals and worked consistently to achieve them.” 

The Stb Care platform runs on a server that is part of the hospital’s firewall-protected intranet. Users access the application via a web-portal.
With the help of the Servoy solution, Stb Zorg created a solid, state-of-the-art development environment that will grow easily to support Stb’s ambitious goals. It gives the company the agility and flexibility it requires to keep pace with changing market conditions and new customer requirements. The new application can easily adapt to new target audiences that Stb Zorg may choose to address in the future. Servoy has led to faster time to market, improved customer satisfaction and new business opportunities. 

The Servoy development platform has given Stb Zorg the tools it needs to efficiently develop and deploy complex patient record systems. The web client requires only a URL and log-in. There is no need for a client installation. It enables Stb Zorg to deploy the software without any hassle. Servoy’s business application platform also allows Stb Zorg to deliver ongoing support to its customers and to provide software enhancements as needed. 

Extended features planned for the near future include new Stb Care platform modules and a patient portal with integrated social media functionality. Applications for other specialist fields and extensions to research applications are also in the pipeline. Stb plans to offer its existing solutions, like the fertility register, to hospitals outside the Netherlands.

With small adaptations, the platform—which received the Best Web-Client Implementation Award at ServoyWorld 2013— could also be offered to other target groups in the healthcare sector.

The Servoy business application platform will support all these future developments. “We made a huge investment in R&D to make it possible to respond quickly to feature requests,” says Marico van Leeuwe. “And we know that the Servoy business application platform will enable us to meet those feature requests.” 
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