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Piepenbrock revolutionizes facility management with its quality assurance mobile app


Founded in 1913, the Piepenbrock family business is headed by the fourth generation of owners. The company offers facility management, commercial cleaning, security, maintenance, machinery and chemical production.

Headquartered in Osnabrück, Germany, Piepenbrock has 70 branches and 800 locations in Germany and Austria. 

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Group 1385
Diverse customers

Each facility is unique, with diverse situations and needs

Quality overview

A clear overview of service quality is needed to meet DIN certification standards

Inbuilt limitations

The old solution had limitations that required laborious ‘workarounds’ 


Group 1306.png

The Servoy mobile solution applies business logic where it needs to

Online or offline

Users can toggle between online and offline modes with a single tap, and data is synchronized


Servoy-built solutions provide the scalable growth required, as demand increases 

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Quality plays a key role at Piepenbrock, and the company is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. The standard specifies the minimum requirements a company’s management system must meet. It is used for implementing quality standards internally, which, in turn, serve as outward evidence. Piepenbrock offers customer-specific services in facility management, commercial cleaning, security and maintenance. Checklists and documentation of the quality management system are applied to all processes to ensure Piepenbrock delivers contracted services at the highest level of quality. Piepenbrock has developed an electronic Quality Measurement System (QMS) that guarantees quality standards throughout its locations and services.

The QMP, which was developed in-house, could run only on Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphones and in online mode. The offline mode had to be simulated via a laborious process: Data was sent to inspectors via email attachments and then sent back to be entered in the relevant database.

“The Appsurance Program has been invaluable. It helped us migrate from our old environment and allowed us to develop our new solutions in record time.”

Albert Beerman // Manager of Information Processing , Piepenbrock

Piepenbrock needed to rewrite its software to modernize it. The company wanted a future-proof infrastructure that guarantees compatibility with all future devices regardless of the operating system version, browser and database used. Piepenbrock tested different development platforms on smartphones and tablets (Apple and Android) and in different browsers. 

Ultimately, Piepenbrock selected Servoy because of its ready-built functions—such as online and offline data storage, and synchronization at the push of a button, as soon as an online connection is available. 

The new Piepenbrock solution was developed with Servoy Mobile, which applies the same business logic to mobile devices as it does to desktops and customer portals. 

“The Servoy team fully understands our needs. The support offered is always pragmatic, friendly, and competent”

Piepenbrock relies on an SAP system for personnel management, financial accounting, etc. The solution manages customer facilities and every piece of equipment they contain, right down to coffee machines and refrigerators. This system is highly flexible and takes into account the nature and scope of the delivered services, contract-specific service intervals and temporary special requests (e.g., additional cleaning after events, reduced cleaning during the vacation season). 

Based on service data, a random generator creates daily checklists for quality controls. The checklist is sent to the mobile device of the person in charge of the facility and includes the specific location, services to be checked and evaluation criteria. The person in charge logs in to the network to fill in information. The result is evaluated, and a follow-up is automatically generated if deficiencies are revealed. The evaluations are stored online to prevent later corrections. 

Temporary disconnection from the wireless network in a part of a building without connectivity, such as the basement, poses no problem: The data is stored locally and synchronized with the server as soon as an online connection is available again. 

Customers get monthly reports of the quality checks that were performed. They can also access results in real time via a customer portal. Servoy solutions are scalable to any size, an important advantage for Piepenbrock. 

In 2011, the company executed 4,000 quality checks, creating 300,000 items on the checklists. This number continues to increase as customers ask for more quality checks and Piepenbrock wins new business. 

Another solution, which Piepenbrock is currently developing, will support hotel services such as the daily room checks. Piepenbrock employees inspect the work of internal or external cleaning staff. They check the rooms, apartments, or bungalows; generate a report; and approve the units for the next guests. A big challenge is the need to synchronize the application data with the hotel data. This involves integrating different IT systems used by hotels. Servoy’s integration layer allows for seamless bidirectional integration, making both publication and consumption of services effortless.
A development platform that allows complete flexibility in reacting to customer requirements was a top priority for Piepenbrock. In particular, large customers with many subsidiaries and a high volume of quality checks expect Piepenbrock to react quickly and effectively to their requests. With its platform, Piepenbrock is able to meet all customer requirements. 

Albert Beermann, Manager of Information Processing at Piepenbrock, says: “The Appsurance Program has been invaluable. It helped us migrate from our old environment and allowed us to develop our new solutions in record time. In turn, we can offer greater flexibility to our customers.” Servoy Mobile was also used to develop apps that run on any mobile device. They were developed in an environment that is compatible with all iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows Phone devices and Blackberrys.

It truly illustrates the Servoy principle of developing applications once and deploying them natively on every smartphone. Development efforts are greatly reduced, and customers gain maximum flexibility to use the mobile device of their choice. Albert Beermann is delighted with the support he has received from the Servoy team: “Whether the topic is training, consulting, or technical support, the Servoy team fully understands our needs. The support offered is always pragmatic, friendly, and competent.”
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