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Focus Feedback

Focus Feedback builds a new product family with Servoy

Focus Feedback

Focus Feedback was founded in 2003 by owner and Managing Director Dave Wurms. Based in Tilburg, The Netherlands, Focus Feedback is active in the development, sales, and implementation of customer service software. The company’s complaint management systems have been implemented by 80 customers.

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Delphi to future-proof

Needed a more versatile alternative to legacy code for modern projects.

SaaS model

Moving to web technologies and SaaS model, support on any device.


A development tool for small teams to build capable applications, fast.


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.NET + more productivity

Servoy gave all power of .NET with a faster, more efficient development process.

Assured success

Appsurance program ensured the project got past the finish line.


Developers gained expert support from Servoy and the user group community.

Full version
Focus Feedback offers complete solutions for complaint management. Founded in 2003, the Dutch company has a clear focus on the development, sales, and implementation of customer service software. Its Windows-only complaint management system, SCM7, was used in every industry. To increase market share, Focus Feedback decided to introduce Focus Solutions, a family of specialized complaint management systems. Each product would focus on a single industry sector and offer the best-possible fit for that specific market.

Focus Feedback selected the construction industry as its first vertical market to concentrate on and started to develop Focus Bricks. The product was designed in close cooperation with existing construction customers. Together, they worked on defining the features that would make Focus Bricks the best customer service solution for the construction and real estate markets.

As a result of this collaboration, Focus Feedback identified the lack of communication between all the parties involved as the main challenge to construction enterprises’ ability to become more customer oriented and offer better customer service.

The new Focus Bricks solution had to provide extensive complaint management capabilities and proactively support smooth communication processes between the landlord, renter(s) and contractors who perform repairs. All get access to relevant information at all times and via any type of device. Dave Wurms, owner and Managing Director of Focus Feedback, says: “We designed Focus Bricks as a communication tool to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while decreasing unnecessary costs and lead times.”

Focus Feedback had originally developed its solutions with Delphi as generic Windows applications. The company wanted a modern outlook for its Focus Solutions product line. Web technologies, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) licensing model, database independence and multi-device support were defined as major parameters of “future proof” software applications.

Focus Feedback needed a development tool that would support the creation of the new products as web-based applications with SaaS capabilities, able to run on any platform, device, or database. At the same time, the new environment had to increase software development efficiency and enable the company’s relatively small team to build the solution within a reasonable time frame.
We designed Focus Bricks as a communication tool to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while decreasing unnecessary costs and lead times.

 Dave Wurms  // Owner and Managing Director, Focus Feedback


The Focus Feedback development team had started training on Microsoft .NET. Focus Feedback decided to examine Servoy as a possible alternative.

The team quickly realized that the Servoy platform met all its requirements while allowing its members to develop new products faster and more efficiently.

In turn, this would reduce the development effort and shorten the time to market.

“If we need help to find a solution for a given customer problem, we just turn to the Servoy team.”

Focus Feedback leveraged the Servoy Appsurance Program by using training and on-site support. The development team had little practical experience with SaaS and appreciated the expert support offered by Servoy. Focus Feedback developers also became members of the Servoy User Group, benefiting from the experience of other users.

Dave Wurms explains: “Usually, we like to give before we take. In this case, we were more than happy to receive advice from fellow user group members as we took our first steps with the Servoy development tool.”

Development of the new Focus Solutions product family started in 2011, and the first version of Focus Bricks was available 18 months later. Dave Wurms says: “We quickly won our first customers after releasing Focus Bricks in 2012. They shared our vision of a customer service solution that meets the specific requirements of the construction and real estate businesses.”

Focus Bricks was piloted at Boele & van Eesteren, one of the largest and best-known construction enterprises in the Netherlands. The following year, existing customers started to migrate to the new application. In parallel, the Focus Solutions family continued to expand.

Next was Focus Service, a solution for service and production companies. Handicare was the first customer to implement the new application. The company uses Focus Service to manage complaints related to its stair lift customers. The complaints are captured in the Netherlands and then processed at the production location in Poland.
Focus Feedback gained a major competitive advantage thanks to the Servoy platform. Best of all, development is faster, easier, and more flexible than ever before. The Appsurance program was a key success factor in the fast development of Focus Bricks. It helped Focus Feedback create its applications faster by providing ready-made components for all common functionalities. 

The large set of standard features not only accelerates the development process but also enables Focus Feedback to react quickly to individual customer requirements. Many requests can be met with one of the numerous plug-ins that Servoy provides with the platform.

Dave Wurms says: “If we need help to find a solution for a given customer problem, we just turn to the Servoy team.” In addition to the individual support that Focus Feedback gets from Servoy, the company benefits from the experience of other users, including other attendees at the ServoyWorld event.

In fact, the conference exceeded all of Focus Feedbacks expectations. The Focus Feedback development team was able to meet with Servoy experts and establish business contacts with other attendees.
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