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We’ve been having a look at Google’s new browser called Chrome – and the good news is – it appears to work with our test suite just fine – meaning that your Servoy applications should run great without any modifications. On Windows. For now.

Of course we’ll have to re-test when the Mac and Linux versions come out (like we always do) – but in the preliminary analysis – it’s a thumbs up.

Servoy and Chrome have a lot in common: they’re both based on open standards. Both pieces of software work really well for SaaS/web 2.0 applications – and both are really responsive. The nice thing about Servoy browser-based applications (Web Client) is the fact that it’s pure HTML and CSS on the client side. As long as browser makers adhere to standards – then all Servoy applications will be instantly compatible.

It’s the same thing when new core architectures or chips are made available. Our client/server applications (Smart Client) worked out-of-the-box the first day multi-core processors hit the streets – because Java was available on those new platforms. Since we use a single code base for both client/server and browser deployments – SaaS/web 2.0 vendors have one LESS thing/platform/browser/chipset/architecture to worry about.

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