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Servoy speaker & sponsor at European PostgreSQL conference

1 minutes read

PGDay.EU is by far the largest PostgreSQL conference in Europe. This year it will be held at the Millennium Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany on the 6th – 8th December 2010. PGDay.EU is a unique chance for developers to learn and network with fellow professionals that use and work with PostgreSQL. The event attracts developers, customers and vendors including EnterpriseDB, Dalibo, 2ndQuadrant andServoy.

The event will span two days of talks, with 26 sessions in English and 13 in German, 2 keynotes and a key signing party! These sessions will be aimed at users, developers, hackers and decision makers in the PostgreSQL community. The event will also provide in-depth training sessions in both German and English. Also Gold Sponsor Servoy’s CEO Jan Aleman will do a session about Servoy and how to develop and deploy a business application in 30 minutes.

Also Bronze Sponsor Robert Ivens of ROCLASI Software Solutions will be giving an introductory training on Servoy and how to build business applications for the Cloud.


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