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Servoy Partners with EuroCloud

2 minutes read

Servoy has become a partner with EuroCloud – Europe’s FIRST EVER SaaS and cloud services community.

EuroCloud serves to:

  • Build a pan European network organized in two tiers with a national level (France, Espagna, England, Belgique, etc.) and a European level. The national level focuses on local topics and the European level on European topics, under the EuroCloud brand (or another if appropriate in a national setting).
  • Build relationships with the European authorities (Commission and Parliament) to help recognize the Cloud Computing industry as the future of IT in Europe and to promote a stimulating environment for development and growth of the industry.
  • Promote business relationships between members throughout Europe and internationally with counterparts such as SIIA.
  • Promote technological relationships between members throughout Europe and internationally.

In addition, several leading analysts have commented on the importance of this initiative:

“Cloud computing is more than just a buzz phrase. It is here to stay and is expected to take an increasing share of total IT spending worldwide. The creation of EuroCloud is a major step for the European development of cloud computing. For example, it will find investment opportunities in start-up companies in Europe that develop solutions for hybrid cloud, which is expected to experience increased demand over the coming years.” – Dan Yachin, research director, IDC EMEA Emerging Technologies.

“The adoption of SaaS continues to grow and evolve within the enterprise application markets. Tighter capital budgets in the current economic environment have demanded leaner alternatives, and cost-effective options, so interest in platforms as a service and cloud computing continue to grow. As evidence, adoption of the on-demand deployment model has grown for nearly a decade, but its popularity has increased significantly within the last five years. Initial concerns about security response time and service availability have diminished for many organisations. As SaaS business and computing models have matured, adoption has become more widespread.” – Sharon Mertz, research director at Gartner.

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