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Servoy 2021.03.2_LTS

1 minutes read

We are pleased to announce the availability of Servoy 2021.03.2_LTS (release number 3644)

This version is available through the the download site.

Updating Servoy Developer

Servoy Developer can also be directly updated through the update site URL:

If you want to use the LTS release, enable the above LTS update site and disable the ‘latest’ update site so you only update to LTS updates.

Log4J Vulnerabilities

This release has the latest Log4J 2.17 libraries for fixes for the security issues found in that library. For more information please see our post on that topic.

AngularJS Extended Support

This release contains the updated AngularJS 1.8.5 XLTS library. If you have compliancy concerns or pending security audits, then it is recommended that you take this version. For more information, please see our post about this topic.

Release Notes

See 2021.03.2_lts_fixes for the list of fixes for this release since 2021.03.1 (this release is build on top of)

For solutions that are already in production it is always recommended to stick to this version if you don’t need to newer features right now.

If you have questions or support issues related to this release, please post on the community forum topic.

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