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SD TIMES: Servoy adds clustering for web services

1 minutes read

SD TIMES published a new product announcement on Servoy 5.0, including an interview with Servoy CEO, Jan Aleman. Following is an excerpt from the article:

Servoy has shipped version 5.0 of its 4GL Web services platform. The update features built-in clustering capabilities that extend to the cloud, as well as end-user customizations that persist across sessions.

The platform is based on Java, and can compile both native and Web client applications. Developers design screens to build applications and use JavaScript to write custom business logic.

Servoy generates a multi-tenancy layer between the application and databases, and it is designed to save development time by incorporating functionality that is usually found in Java frameworks.

“From plain old Java, you would need 20 frameworks to simulate [Servoy], from Spring to the Hibernate Java persistence framework to AJAX,” said CEO Jan Aleman.

To read the full article, please go to:

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