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Microsoft Office 365 integration for business applications

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Microsoft Office 365 integration for business applications

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – June. 2, 2016: Today, Servoy, a rapid application development platform vendor, announced its seamless Microsoft Office 365 integration for business applications. Servoy’s two-way connection with Office 365 only takes a few clicks to set up.

Many software vendors integrate their solutions with Microsoft Office to meet customer requirements. With users increasingly accessing applications online and via tablets and smartphones, vendors need to offer the same true integration within the cloud.

Now, Servoy customers and users can:

  • Create and edit Office 365 documents within their cloud-hosted application,
  • Trigger functions in their application from within Office 365,
  • Mash-up, i.e. run Office 365 and their application in the same window,
  • Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Word and Excel functionalities into powerful business applications, such as CRMs.

Jan Aleman, founder of Servoy, says: “To offer their applications in the cloud, software vendors need a tight integration with MS Office that works outside the desktop. With no viable solution available, they turned to us. Now, they can enjoy real-time, two-way integration with Office 365 without the need for external tools.”

Rob Howard, director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft, comments: “Servoy’s built-in support for Office 365 helps joint customer benefit even more from the Microsoft Azure platform by running both Office 365 and their business applications in a single environment.”

Rob Goijen, CEO of STB, adds: “Together with Servoy and Microsoft Corp., we tested the two-way integration of Office 365 with our new HTML5 CRM platform. Users can now create online documents and merge data directly within our CRM. Until then, CRM forms couldn’t be included in documents and data had to be merged offline. Servoy’s integration with Office 365 revolutionizes online documents by making them interactive with the back end. With Servoy, we can now offer a true cloud experience to our users.”

About Servoy: Servoy’s unique Rapid Application Development platform allows ISVs to develop outstanding business applications in record time. Servoy makes it easy to develop modern, responsive HTML5 applications that can run on any device from a single codebase.



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