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Integrations! A Webinar Mini-Series

1 minutes read

New Webinar Series Begins Tomorrow!

How BizApps can push innovation through integration!

Please join us as we kick off a special 3-part topical series, in which we take a look at the changing market landscape and how business applications can leverage new integration technologies to not only keep up with their customers’ needs, but also deliver new value in surprising ways. We’ll start tomorrow with an overview, then continue with special guests, in two parts with a deep dive into the latest tech in the ISV’s tool belt.

Webinar Schedule:

October 14
October 21
October 28

Register Here

All webinars:

8am Los Angeles (PST)
11am New York (EST)
17h Amsterdam (CET)*

* The Oct 28 Webinar will be 16h as the CET time zone observes daylight saving

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