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Installing Servoy on Linux in 10 seconds

1 minutes read

Developers don’t like to read docs, howto’s and manuals so in this new series I’ll give you some turbo howto’s on servoy topics. A popular one nowadays is running Servoy App Server on Linux. You can install that with one line:

java -jar servoy_installer.jar -console

Follow the instructions (it will prompt you for directory and to continue) and you are all set.

To start Servoy Server now cd into the application_server directory and type:

./ &

To fire up PostgreSQL as you start your application server edit the file and move this part to a newline:

postgres_db/bin/pg_ctl start -D database -l postgres_db/postgres_log.txt

If you don’t know how to edit command line try this:


now type: /: ENTER
type: a ENTER
type: ESC
type: :wq ENTER

that’s it.


  • any recent linux
  • don’t install as root! easiest is to create a servoy user, then install and run
  • download servoy_install.jar from
  • make sure to have a fairly recent Oracle/Sun Java on your linux

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