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From VFP Application to Servoy Solution Success Story: Michael Sedita, CEO of MS Health Software

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This month’s newsletter features another Servoy Success Story: MS Health Software.

MS Health Software is a provider of behavioral healthcare and social services management solutions. They developed and marketed a LAN application based on VFP, but as time progressed, the company recognized that Visual FoxPro was perceived as old technology; and lacked needed features such as data integrity, security, and database server standardization. They needed to update the functionality of the product, make it available to run over the Internet, and offer the application in a hosted environment as well. Rumors of Visual FoxPro’s demise pushed MS Health Software to search for the next successful platform.

“As a small ISV, the most important measure of development tools to us is productivity. Servoy is the only development environment we found that offers the leverage we were used to in VFP.” Michael Sedita, CEO MS Health Software

Read the full Servoy MS Health Software Success Story.

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