About Servoy

Born from RAD and 4GL

Servoy was founded because developing great business applications is too hard, too time consuming, too frustrating and too expensive. Our founders had extensive experience in developing complex business applications such as ERPs in the era before the Internet, using the RAD (Rapid Application Development) and 4GL (4th Generation Language) platforms popular at the time. As the Internet came along and our customers started asking for their apps to run on the web, we turned to Java and .Net.

That was a very frustrating experience after coming from RAD and 4GL tools. Instead of being productive instantly, the entire stack (all the non-functionals) had to be built from scratch. And thus the idea for Servoy was born.

Reusable Code for Faster Development

After several years, common requirements amongst complex software applications emerged and we started creating and providing those pieces out of the box to our customers in the form of components, frameworks, pre-built functionality and templates. This innovative approach delivers a rapid development experience to our customers and saves them the time of building their own stack from the ground up.

The Appsurance Program

The trial and error experiences of our first customers led to the creation of best practices for the modernization of complex applications. This Appsurance program handholds new customers through this process to avoid lost time and expense. Appsurance eliminates learning curves, keeps projects on track and maintains laser focus on time-to-market. After fine-tuning this process for 15+ years and over the course of hundreds of applications, we are uniquely positioned to make complex projects successful. We have a deep understanding of proven methods in development, as well as how to apply those processes to complex business applications deployed over the Internet.

Servoy Worldwide

Servoy, founded in 2001, is headquartered in the US and The Netherlands with 4 additional offices worldwide and distributors and partners all over the world. Servoy is a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 company.

Learn More

If you have a complex application that you need to modernize or rewrite, and time to market and budget are essential, contact us and we’ll help you figure out if our platform and the Appsurance program are a good fit.