Rapid Application Development Tools - RAD Platform for ISVs
Rapid Application Development

The Rapid Application Development Platform

The Servoy platform offers a rich set of building blocks that lets you assemble your business application fast and effortlessly. By giving you all the tools you need every step of the way — including development, testing, and production — our rapid application development (RAD) platform is a smarter way to build and deliver powerful business apps or modernize existing ones.


A RAD Platform for Your Business App

Are you currently updating an existing ERP system? Or are you building one from scratch? Or are you an ISV (Independent Software Vendor)?  If you’re tasked with delivering modern, powerful business applications in a short timeframe, you may have been tempted to use a low-code platform. But low-code solutions are not designed to handle complex business logic and other requirements. You need a more robust tool that provides ready-made frameworks, built-in components, and strong reporting tools so you can test as you iterate — with the flexibility to customize your code as needed.  


The Power of the Servoy Platform

The Servoy RAD platform gives you the ability to build intricate applications, for any mobile device, browser, and OS, in a short time frame. It provides more coding freedom than low-code options and provides an industry standards-based environment.  The RAD platform gives you superior control over your development process to focus on features that matter the most to your customers. By focusing on features they truly appreciate, such as a modern and intuitive user experience (UX) and the addition of industry-specific logic, you can build an app with greater customer impact and value. 


Additional Platform Benefits

  • 60% decrease in go-to-market time 
  • Focus on what makes your company truly unique
  • Control the process and track progress easily
  • An integrated development environment (IDE) with comprehensive testing, UI building, integration, and deployment capabilities


Modernize Your Legacy App

The Servoy platform is used a lot by customers for their existing legacy enterprise business systems that are still in use today, but limited in their ability to provide browser-based and mobile options. This includes systems running in FoxPro, Delphi, Progress OpenEdge and other environments.


Committed to Your Success

To ensure your application development process is smooth and successful, Servoy invites you to learn more about our Appsurance program.

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“Java and .Net are very complex and time-consuming to code with. I have seen a lot of companies try to build their own frameworks and fail. It is much wiser to use a proven RAD environment. Using the Servoy platform we saved between three and four years of development time.” – Ton Dekker, R&D Manager

Case Study

Reflecta modernized its frontend (UI and UX) for the Cloud and reused its existing Progress backend, while saving 3 years in development time.

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