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Rapid Application Development Tools

Rapid Application Development Tools

Rapid Application Development Platform

You’ve got an existing enterprise application, such as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or other system of record (SOR), that needs a modern user interface for a better UX. Or you’ve been tasked to build a brand-new one and you need to create and deliver a modern, powerful business application fast. Low-code platforms aren’t designed to handle the heavy-duty requirements of such a challenge. You need a robust rapid application development tool (RAD) with ready-made frameworks, components, and visual process modeling to test and report as you iterate–but also lets you custom code as needed. Another RAD advantage is that it enhances productivity and gives you better control over your development process.

A RAD platform works especially well for legacy enterprise business systems, which are limited in the ability to easily generate integrated browser-based applications but are still very much in use today. Examples of these include 4GL-based systems such as FoxPro, Progress OpenEdge, jDeveloper, Delphi, PowerBuilder, Oracle Forms, 4D, Omnis, Uniface and others. A RAD approach lets you leverage existing technology investments and modernize them to meet the expectations of today’s users.

A Winning Combination for Modern Business Apps

You can get the best of both worlds with a solution that gives you the power of a traditional development platform combined with a rapid application development platform. The Servoy RAD platform lets you avoids hand coding HTML5, which can be error prone and time-consuming as well as introduce many security risks.

With Servoy you can choose to build a modern business application from scratch, or you can modernize your front-end, which lets you retain the business logic that makes your business uniquely valuable. This lets you quickly deliver a world-class application with a modern user interface (UI) and an optimal user experience (UX)–all with minimal risk.

Benefits from the Servoy development platform include:

  • Time savings from not having to re-invent the app dev wheel
  • Allowing you to focus on (and retain) what makes your company truly unique
  • Ability to handle the complexity of business applications
  • A true IDE with comprehensive testing, UI building, integration, and deployment capabilities

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