Servoy For Progress – Modernize Progress Applications

Creating modern web applications for Progress can be a daunting task. You have business logic that’s working for you, but there’s no easy way to expose it to the web or in the Cloud. The last thing you want to do is scrap years of work and start over.

Do you wish there was a platform to reuse all your ABL and Progress data to create a web application with a modern User Experience? There is, and it’s called Servoy for Progress.

To learn more, watch our 5 mini webinars, or let us show you some examples of successful app modernizations.


“Java and .Net are very complex and time-consuming to code with. I have seen a lot of companies try to build their own frameworks and fail. It is much wiser to use a proven RAD environment. Using the Servoy platform we saved between three and four years of development time.” – Ton Dekker, R&D Manager

Case Study

Reflecta modernized its frontend (UI and UX) for the Cloud and reused its existing Progress backend, while saving 3 years in development time.

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