“Servoy allowed us to modernize our Progress banking application and build really cool apps and desktop capability on top of it. This partnership allows us to be successful as an ISV.”

– Michael Swan. CTO Portfolio+

Going to web, cloud and mobile

Are you working with Progress and not sure how to modernize your front-end and add mobile to your software offering?

Most Progress (OpenEdge) based applications are large ERP like applications with huge amounts of business logic (ABL). The question we get asked often is “how can we modernize our application without doing a rewrite?”. Also, Progress comes with a rock-solid database engine.. “can we leave it that way?”

Typical solutions for Progress with Servoy:

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Progress: how to modernize

Ideally, you have separated your UI and business logic by now, if you haven’t – there are fairly non-painful ways to do so. With Servoy, you can respect and reuse your existing ABL business logic, while modernizing the UI to a modern HTML5 web and SaaS (for software vendors) enabled front-end. Your ABL will be untouched; saving you loads of work and your database will remain the same too. The same counts for mobile applications or add-ons: easy to integrate with existing Progress apps by going through the existing ABL, and if need be directly to the database.

Servoy offers the same (or better) productivity compared to OpenEdge and comes with powerful tools for browser, mobile, and Cloud. Modernizing your intricate business application suddenly is within reach and does not require a complete rewrite.

That’s why we started Servoy, a productive add-on environment – much like OpenEdge – but made for the web. Developers will feel at home with existing OpenEdge skills transfering directly to the Servoy platform.

We typically help our customers with..

  • Easily build adaptive user experiences across any type of device or touchpoint
  • Deliver modern-day apps with the flexibility of a cloud-native app dev platform
  • Reuse your existing ABL and Progress OpenEdge database

Progress Resources

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Servoy, the low code platform for OpenEdge Software Vendors and Enterprise applications

Our Servoy RAD platform lets you reuse all your ABL and OpenEdge data to create web and mobile applications with a UX your users will love. Servoy for Progress enables you to develop and deploy strategic business applications while reducing development time and complexity. We have been serving independent software vendors and enterprises with proven business applications for over twenty years.

The measure of an ISV’s success is in their ability to deliver solutions for their clients’ business challenges. While technology enables innovation, it may also encumber a team’s ability to remain focused on value. Attention to features and functionality often give way to IT concerns: infrastructure, security, scalability, up-time, upgrades, patching, monitoring, etc.

ServoyCloud provides dashboard-driven insight and control over production environments and product life-cycles, liberating teams to focus on what they do best: build great applications.

20 years of experience with Progress modernizations

150 successful Progress customers

20+ years of supporting software migrations

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