Productivity & Flexibility at the core

The Servoy platform consists of the foundation layer and the integrated development environment (IDE).

The foundation layer, or core, contains client and server technologies as well as the frameworks used to implement common patterns. Those patterns can include multitenancy, multilingualism, security, navigation and much more. They are the building blocks that you use to rapidly assemble your new application. The foundation layer integrates with your existing technologies. It connects with databases, web services and more using the Servoy API. It can also expose web services to the outside.

The IDE contains everything you need for maximum productivity: a WYSIWYG UI editor and code editors with code coloring, syntax highlighting and profiling, as well as testing and debugging tools.

The Servoy platform is fully extensible. The UI you create can include any HTML5 components. Existing plugins give you access to over 1,000 functions out of the box. You can also build your own plugins or use third-party plugins that are available at

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