ServoyWorld 2019

From Idea To Deployed - in one Day!

What is it?

We are proud to announce our non-profit hackathon event, ‘From Idea To Deployed in one Day’. Whether you are focused on personal development, have career driven motivations, or want to work on something cool with like-minded individuals, we’ve got you covered. 

Do you want to:

If so, this event is for you!

ServoyWorld has teamed up with Jonar and iTech Pros to host a Hackathon with a difference – join us in planning, building and deploying something really impressive, in just one day. What’s more, we’re going to be coding for a cause, and it’s all happening in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

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What do you get out of this?

For EURO 49 a ticket (all proceeds go to WomenHeart), you will be part of a 1-day activity where our huge community of coders, thinkers and designers all come together to create an app for a good cause. You will have the opportunity to network, problem-solve and build with a bunch of developers, be given exclusive, pre-release access to brand new technology, and finally, the new app will be demoed at the Servoy World conference the next day. Plus, there are prizes to be won!

Even more reasons to attend

If you use Servoy at work, or just want to know more about the technology, there’s no faster or more efficient way to learn about it than with peers! There will be an abundance of Servoy developers and tech enthusiasts at this event to answer any Servoy-related queries you may have. 

If you enjoy supporting and being involved in helping a good causes, this event will allow you to make a significant, hands-on difference – see more below.

Finally, our hackathon is the ideal place for you to network with other individuals in the tech space. Learn how other developers approach and solve problems on the job, and be inspired by bright tech minds!

Sounds great! How will the day be organised?

Details to be announced. Check back later.

What’s the cause? 

We were motivated to do something good for our community of coders, as well as the wider community. We asked ourselves, where and how could we make a real difference? We chose to support a not-for-profit that supports women living with or at risk of heart disease. Frighteningly, heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States. Servoy World reached out to this cause, we offered our help, and they eagerly accepted! Find out more about the cause here.

All proceeds (including entry fees) from this event will be collected, generously doubled by Jonar, and donated to Womenheart. iTech Pros will keep our stomachs filled and thirst quenched! 

What are the prizes?

To be announced!

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