“Servoy is the logical evolution for FoxPro applications and VFP developers into the next decade.”

– Ken Levy. Former Microsoft Visual FoxPro product manager

Going to web, cloud and mobile

Do you currently have an application written in Visual Foxpro? Whether you are looking to modernize your core application or would rather extend its life by adding web or mobile capabilities, you came to the right place. We understand that ‘modernization’ is not just a buzz-word, nor something that is easily done. As a low-code platform for software vendors and enterprises with intricate applications, we understand that your software is your business. Learn more about how the Servoy platform has helped transform dozens of Visual Foxpro business applications.

These are examples of what our customers do with our platform:


  • Migrate/modernize core applications (e.g. ERP) to Cloud/Web
  • Extend the life of their VFP app by adding mobile or web (portals) to it

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Is Visual Foxpro dead?

Yes and no. Most software vendors have been forced to modernize for competitive reasons. And with the discontinuation of FoxPro in 2015, enterprises were faced with the task of finding a replacement as well.

Such a replacement needed to come with the same productivity, but with powerful tools for browser, mobile, and Cloud. Your business application is intricate and big and migrating it to a new environment is not easy.

That’s why we started Servoy, a productive environment much like Visual FoxPro but made for the web. Developers will feel at home because existing FoxPro skills will transfer directly to the Servoy platform.

We typically help with the following migration approaches:

  • An MVP first approach (to reduce associated risk)
  • A UX-first approach (typical for ISVs)
  • A module-by-module approach
  • Big-bang approach
  • An “isolate the core” approach, and build web and mobile functionality around it

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Servoy, the low code platform for Software Vendors and intricate applications

The Servoy platform has been serving independent software vendors and enterprises with proven business applications for over twenty years.

The measure of an ISVs success is in their ability to deliver solutions for their clients’ business challenges. While technology enables innovation, it may also encumber a team’s ability to remain focused on value. Attention to features and functionality often give way to IT concerns: infrastructure, security, scalability, up-time, upgrades, patching, monitoring, etc.

ServoyCloud provides dashboard-driven insight and control over production environments and product life-cycles, liberating teams to focus on what they do best: build great applications

20 years of experience with Visual Foxpro modernizations

150 successful (ex) Visual Foxpro customers

20+ years of supporting software migrations

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