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Visual FoxPro Alternative – the RAD Replacement for FoxPro

With the end of life of FoxPro in 2015, organizations must find a replacement with the same productivity but with powerful tools for the browser and Cloud. Your business application is complex and migrating it to a new environment is not easy, even in .Net.

Building browser and Cloud applications is usually a throwback to the 3GL era. That’s why we started Servoy, a productive environment like FoxPro but made for the Cloud. Developers will feel at home because existing FoxPro skills will transfer directly to the Servoy platform.

Servoy makes your team far more productive, so you can do more with the same number of developers. Plus, Servoy is based entirely on industry standards and is open-source. There are no proprietary languages or protocols — so the Servoy learning curve is short.

Case Study

Jonar, a Canadian ERP vendor, wanted to modernize their on-premises application and move from FoxPro to the Cloud. After evaluating many options, including an estimate of 5 years to build their own stack in .Net, Jonar chose Servoy for the fastest time to market and the most robust platform.

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“Servoy is the logical evolution for FoxPro applications and VFP developers into the next decade.”

– Ken Levy, former Microsoft Visual FoxPro product manager

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