Reusable and Maintainable Code

Code reuse and inheritance to boost productivity and reduce maintenance.

UI Reuse

UI reuse keeps the codebase smaller and maintainable. A UI pattern can be designed once and used in multiple locations. Examples of UI patterns include complete data-driven screens and sets of fields and labels. Servoy also supports the “form in form” concept.


Individual functions, or even the whole UI, can be extended. This means you can create a base function or screen, extend it, and modify part of the API or UI. This way, functions are only written once, which makes the codebase easier to maintain.

Go Modular

You can break the design of your application into multiple modules and integrate them into a single solution. This allows you to develop, test and validate smaller “blocks” of functionality – such as frequently used functions or a user-management system. Modules can be nested as many times as required.

Third-Party Modules

Servoy allows third-party modules to be easily integrated into your solutions. This is useful for commonly found yet hard-to-create functionalities. You can focus on building new functionalities for your solution rather than recreating functions, validations and features across multiple solutions.

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