Cross-platform Capabilities - Servoy
Cross-Platform Capabilities

Servoy is database agnostic and allows you to develop solutions on your favorite platform and for the cloud.

Developers and Users Can Run Their Favorite OS

With Servoy you can develop solutions on your favorite operating system (and database) and
effortlessly deploy them to your customers’ preferred operating system (and database). Servoy supports all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD, Red Hat Linux, Novel Suse Linux and other Linux “flavors.” The Servoy Developer, Servoy Server and Servoy Smart Client can run on multiple operating systems simultaneously.

More Than Just Operating Systems

Servoy also supports virtual operating systems such as Terminal Services, Citrix and VMware. Although Citrix and Terminal Services are NOT REQUIRED, they are fully supported.

Mix Operating Systems and Cross-platforms

You can run Servoy in mixed environments without additional configurations and without code changes to your application. In fact, you can move from one server’s operating system to the next without any migration issues—in seconds. You will appreciate the negotiating power this gives you when it’s time to renew your server’s operating system license.