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Mobilize your business applications

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I recently wrote an opinion article for SIIA’s ‘View from the top’ publication about the trend to mobilize business applications. You can find the full article here.

In a nutshell, ‘Mobile First’ means: design (and develop) an application for a portable device first, instead of traditionally making the mobile version a stripped down version of the initially developed desktop version.

Mobile applications require very different usage, development and deployment patterns. Interestingly they force us to grab the essence of the user interactions and make them fairly easy to use.

So when (and how) do we start? Should you go research for another year what to do? Most successful companies in mobile business applications ues the approach: Start today and start learning immediately. Of course your first apps won’t be perfect, deploy them to your loyal users (or friends and family first) and get their input to improve.

What’s great about mobile apps is that they are ‘fit for purpose’; optimized for the job and mostly limited in functionality. There is a high probability that you can easily extend or reuse on what you already have: the more advanced mobile platforms will connect directly to your existing systems: both business logic and data.

I recently wrote a whitepaper that dives deeper into the steps that successful ISVs take to mobilize their business applications. Download your copy here.

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