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How to Secure your Cloud-hosted App in 2020

Servoy enables Independent Software Vendors to secure their cloud-hosted apps even in the most security-critical industries. Read our whitepaper “How to Secure Your Cloud-Hosted App in 2020” for tips and best practices.


Your Essential Guide to Mobilize Your Business Application

Research shows that 80% of searches and 40% of transactions online today are done via mobile. Are you an Independent Software Vendor and looking to develop a mobile app? Read Servoy’s whitepaper for guidelines on how to develop a mobilization plan for your business application and selecting the best technology for it.

The 2020 ISV Software Survey: how ISVs make software

In late 2020, we surveyed over 100 VPs of independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises to uncover their success and fail factors around large software projects.  Today we are excited to publish the findings. Check out what we found.