Servoy webinar series for Developers

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String, Number and date formatting in Servoy

Learn all about formating, masking of strings, numbers and dates in Servoy

Using Dialogs in Servoy

There are many ways to use dialogs in Servoy. Follow this webinar to understand the differences, how to use them and best practices in Servoy NG Client

Integrating third party authentication with Servoy: Okta

We show you how to integrate with third party integration and use Okta as an example. Multi Factor Authentication can make your applications more secure and using third party authentication reduces your development time.

Reporting in Servoy with Jasper Reports

Quickly build powerful, multi-lingual reports with output to pdf, Excel, XML and more and tightly integrate with Servoy datasets, internationalization and more. In 30 minutes you’ll know exactly how.

QAPaaS update: Continuous Integration and Continuous Build

Servoy QAPaaS helps you to improve the quality of your software products by automating the building and testing process. This update shows you the latest developments.

NG grid component for Servoy

The Next Generation grid component in Servoy makes it very easy to use powerful grids in the browser. Learn how in this webinar.

Servoy and Electron Native browser apps

Electron allows you to run a browser with local hardware and software integration. We’ll show you in 30 minutes how to accomplish that with Servoy.

Audit logging in Servoy

Learn how to create a secure audit trail in your business applications with Servoy. Track changes users make to data, audit which data users have been looking at in the application.

Servoy and Excel - Importing and Exporting data

Learn how to write data out to Excel using Servoy and how to import Excel files.

Servoy 8.3: Runtime Customization

Servoy allows you to customize applications at runtime, even by the end user. Users can drag and drop fields and other elements and configure the behavior of the application. This webinar shows you how.

Servoy 8.3: Multi-Tenancy

In Servoy 8.3 the multi-tenancy capability have been enhanced to make it even easier to build multi-tenant applications

Servoy 8.3: Stored Procedures

Servoy has long supported calling stored procedures. But until now, it required the developer to have intimate knowledge of the internal procedures. Servoy 8.3 offers support for Stored Procedure Introspection and automatic data-binding.

Servoy and SSL

Learn how to configure SSL within Servoy and encrypt your data while in transit.

UX Patterns in Servoy: CSS Themes

With CSS you can easily implement themes in Servoy to further enhance your user experience. We’ll show you how you can deliver a great UX with the use of CSS in Servoy.

Browser integrations: using hardware and access to the filesystem

With Servoy you can integrate hardware devices such as scanners even if you are using a browser to run a business application. Full access to the filesystem is available as well.

Webcam, sliders, collapsible containers and youtube integration

Integrating a webcam into your business application, Youtube videos with controls, collapsible containers and sliders in Servoy are the topics in this webinar.

Internationalization: Languages, data and number formats, timezones and more

Internationalization is more than translating a few strings and Servoy comes with a broad spectrum of functions and tools to make it easy to make your applications international. In this recording we’ll show you how and share best practices.

Servoy Query Builder - Database independent queries

Servoy’s Query builder makes it easier to query your backend database without writing SQL. It also makes your queries database independent. In this recording we will show you how to use it and discuss best practices.

Browser Integrations: Notifications, local storage and reCAPTCHA

In this brief webinar we will show you how to use native notifications in the browser, how to store in the local storage to persist data across sessions and how to integrate reCAPTCHA into Servoy solutions

UX Pattern: Using In Memory Data in Servoy to Accelerate delivery

Moving data to in memory can enhance the user experience as it will enhance the responsiveness of the application. Learn best practices of using in memory data in Servoy and the different use cases of when and how you should move data into memory.

Servoy QAPaaS - Quality Assurance as a Service - Launch

Servoy’s QAPaaS allows you to use a unified, powerful platform for your entire software development lifecycle. It includes CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery) tools as well as a testing and management suite of tools to further increase development and deployment productivity of complex business applications

Servoy UX Patterns: Grouping Grid

This new web component based on the ag grid allows you to very rapidly create powerful grouping grids in Servoy. Watch this webinar to find out how and get your free copy of the grid today.

Servoy UX patterns: Look-up form

This module that can easily be included in any Servoy application shows you how to build and integrate a look-up form.

Servoy 8.2 launch part 3 of 3

The SvySecurity is a drop-in module that allows you to more easily manage authentication and security for your applications.
We are pleased to announce that SvySecurity is being released in parallel with Servoy V8.2. This new extension brings essential security features to any application and solves common challenges, including multi-tenancy, authentication and permissions control.

Servoy 8.2 launch part 2 of 3

Servoy 8.2 introduces a series of capabilities to increase developer productivity including Form Wizards, Form Hierarchy, Web Package Manager and Design-Time Foundsets. This webinar will show the benefits of these capabilities and how to further speed up your development!

Servoy 8.2 launch part 1 of 3

Servoy 8.2 launch series part 1: The Client Manager plugin allows you to do really cool things like building your own chat client in Servoy. Why not build and integrate your own Slack app right in Servoy?

Servoy and consuming REST web services

Learn how to consume REST web services in Servoy. Calling a web service, binding it to Servoy user interfaces and sending off updates and more are covered.

Servoy and publishing REST web services

Learn how to publish REST web services in Servoy. Best practices, getting started, security and generic end-points are discussed in this comprehensive 30 minute webinar.

Servoy and automation

The Servoy batch processor allows you to use parallel processing and server-side automation, either in real time, batch or queued. In this webinar, you will learn how to use it optimally.

Rapid Application Development of mobile apps with Servoy and phonegap

Learn how to rapidly develop great mobile apps with Servoy and phonegap in this brief webinar.

Servoy 8.2 sneak preview

In this sneak preview of Servoy 8.2 you’ll get to see what is going to be available in Servoy 8.2 and we’ll even give you access to an early download!

Servoy and oAuth2

oAuth2 allows you to easily access data from external applications such as Google Calendar and LinkedIn. In this webinar we show you how to get started.

The art of WAR deployment

Servoy applications can be deployed as single file on Java Application servers both in the cloud and on premises. Learn all about it in webinar #12.

Web components update

In webinar #11 an update of 2 new extra components and 2 new additional services. Drop down, Progress bar, Block UI and key listener. Demos and source code available at

Sample Solution with docs and code

We have built a new sample solution container to make it easier to test all the sample solutions we have and it gives you access to download, the source code on git, documentation and even an built-in source code viewer. Watch this webinar to learn how to use it and where to get it.

Filtering data in Servoy

We discuss best practices to filter data in Servoy and deliver a great search and filter user experience to your users.

Web Components update

In this session we have a look at a couple of new web components now available in Servoy. Bootstrap extra components and the tabpanel plus component.

svyUtils update

svyUtils is a module in Servoy that provides hundreds of utility functions. In this update we will discuss some of it’s new capabilities

Office 365 integration

Servoy allows to seamlessly integrate external functionality in web components. In this webinar we will discuss how to integrate Microsoft Office 365 in just a few clicks.

Saving Data

Servoy makes it really easy to save data to your backend database, in this webinar we discuss best practices and transaction and exception control


svyChartJS Add modern, data-bound charts onto your Servoy forms. And as always, web components ship with comprehensive documentation and sample solutions. Please join us for this 30-minute technical webinar recording and learn how to incorporate this new component into your web applications.

Data Broadcasting

Managing applications in a mixed environment. We are excited to invite you to join us for this webinar, announcing a new, open-source module svyDataBroadcaster. If you have multiple applications connecting to a database, then you probably face the challenge of keeping a uniform view of the data. Please join us for this 30-minute technical webinar and learn best practices for a multi-application environment and how to incorporate this new module into your applications.

Web Components update

SideNav: Offering great UX for navigation and other purposes, this simple but dynamic menu component is easy to use, but fully extensible.

svyPDFViwer: Allows users to view PDF documents directly in a Servoy form, using popular open source library, PDF.js

svyGMaps: Place google maps components on your forms, bind them to your data.

Select2: String tokenizer component for multi-selection, includes bindings for Servoy data providers and value lists.

Search APIs for business applications

We are excited to invite you to join us for this webinar announcing an open-source module svySearch, which brings google-like text searching to business applications. This module is designed to parse user-friendly text input and apply it to developer-specified patterns for searching.